• Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75

  • Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

IGNITOR, the “BEST lighted nock period” delivers an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY ON INSERT AND NOCK. Never be left in the dark with the only lifetime warranty in the lighted nock market. How do we do it? With a product so reliable, it is the only lighted nock in the world endorsed by legendary bow hunter, Tom Miranda.


COVERED ITEMS We will replace damaged aluminum inserts and nocks against manufacturer’s defects or breakage under any wear conditions. Buy with confidence and know that if it breaks, we replace it. This is our no questions asked policy. If you need service or assistance, we will be here to quickly resolve your issue. Ignitor delivers and enforces the only, unconditional lifetime replacement warranty on all nock and insert products we produce.


WARRANTY DETAILS IGNITOR brand lighted nocks have an unconditional lifetime warranty covering defects or breakage under any conditions to the insert and nock units only. LED light and battery assemblies are excluded from this warranty offer. This warranty is valid only in the United States from credited dealers and those who have purchased direct from IgnitorNocks.com. Lost lighted nocks are not covered under this warranty.


LIFETIME REPLACEMENT (applies to aluminum insert and nock unit) The LED light and battery are not covered under this warranty. To claim on your Unconditional Lifetime Replacement:

Please send your damaged IGNITOR component(s) to NuFletch LLC P.O. Box 935 Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32549. Please place items in a padded envelope with a completed Warranty Claim Worksheet. A copy of the Warranty Claim Worksheet can be downloaded from the home page at NuFletch.com under the “Express Lifetime Warranty tab”.

Your IGNITOR insert and or nock will be replaced free of charge without any handling and return shipping fee. NO refunds are offered under this warranty; this express warranty is exclusive to “replacement” under the warranty claim. This service is subject to change and or termination without notice. NOTE: insert size “cannot” be exchanged under this warranty plan. Replacements are for the same size inserts only. Likewise, ½ moon nocks will not be exchanged for Flat nocks or vice versa. Please do not send any LED batteries with your return. If you need replacement LED battery lights, for your new warranty parts or existing IGNITOR lighted nocks, please visit www.nufletch.com. Click under products and choose replacement batteries for immediate purchase and delivery.


DISCLAIMER NuFletch, LLC is not responsible for any property / personal harm to the user or any equipment, or any other material due to misuse, misapplication or improper installation of NuFletch products. Furthermore, NuFletch LLC is not responsible for any form of misuse or abuse of any NuFletch, LLC product. (Let it be known that NuFletch, LLC) strongly recommends that any installation of NuFletch or IGNITOR product(s) is done only after one has satisfactorily read and fully understands all the installation instruction(s) that come with respected products. If you have any questions prior to installation, please consult an experienced Pro Shop or contact us at nufletch.com with your questions. This is for your safety as well as others and the equipment in which the products will be installed. Download Warranty Claim Worksheet HERE.