Before we get to stuffing boxes, let’s zero in on our shipping “bullseye”

“We want to get things to you as quickly as humanly possible”

Here is one I like:

We offer Free Shipping in the continental United States on all orders over $75.00.

We normally use the USPS. They do OK most of the folks get their stuff in about 5-7 business days.

If you just can’t wait… then we also offer UPS. There is a shipping charge for expedited shipping. We are not in business to “profit” from shipping; however we do charge what we are charged so we can keep the door open.
Our upgrade shipper is UPS. A variety of services are available so take a look on the site when ordering to clarify what they offer. We ship from Destin, Florida. I tossed that in to make you jealous.

Delivery Time:

Delivery Time is dependent on 2 factors:

• “Availability”. Every product “Usually Ships in 48 hours”. We do send you an email to let you know “we’re on it”. We do our best to ship items out as quickly as possible, so we often get orders out more quickly than 48 hours but please do not count on that. Figure within 48 hours, but if you get it sooner, just know I was responsible for that!

• The method of delivery – our Free shipping method is USPS. If we use UPS, make sure you choose something other than a PO box. The big Brown Truck just don’t like to stop at the Postal Box. If you forget, remember I told you not to use a PO on UPS orders!

 Additionally, please note that delivery time is also based on “business” days. For example, if you place an order on Sunday, it’s impossible for us to ship an item the same day cause we do go to church… and we found that all the shippers are in church too cause they are closed.

Free Shipping Offers:
Orders over $75 qualify for Free Shipping, which will be shipped USPS unless otherwise selected. (5-7 days for cross-country delivery).

Calculating Cost:
We are not out to profit from shipping. Rush shipping, or if we’re shipping your order internationally, your shipping cost will be as close to exactly the same as we are charged by whichever shipping company is used to deliver your package. Shipping costs are calculated on the website automatically during Checkout based on the weight of the items you are purchasing.

International Shipping:
If you’d like to make a purchase and have it shipped internationally, please send us an email at [email protected]. Be sure to include the products you’d like to purchase, your shipping address, phone number, and the email address to which we should send a Paypal invoice. A member of our Customer Service team will contact you to make all the arrangements. Please note: we do not understand why if you are ordering from Canada you just don’t move from that frozen ground to the USA.

We understand that nobody wants to have a bad experience with shipping. We also understand that reading a boring shipping policy is no fun. We tried to lighten up the facts but want you to firmly understand we take your business with the utmost sincerity. We will do all we can to ensure that your items are shipped as quickly as possible at the lowest costs that we can arrange.
Thank you for your business and we hope to become your new hunting partner for life.

Team Ignitor!